Eighth Floor

Looking down a long corridor with desks on the right and machinery lining the left
16 ❧ General view of the Control Room, of which the details are illustrated in the next few images. The apparatus is finished in 'battleship' grey, with stainless fittings.
4 knobs and 2 dials
17 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – Detail of a Control Position, showing a 4-channel Fade Unit.
Electric relays
18 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – Part of the Relay Bays, showing three types of relay used in amplifier switching.
Valves, dials and control knobs on a vertical bank of equipment
19 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – Two of the 'B' Amplifier Bays. The covers have been removed from a 'B' Amplifier near the top of the Bay, and from a Programme Meter Amplifier near the bottom of the Bay.
Dozens of thick cables emerge from vertical bays
20 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – Cables in the false floor, ending on terminal strips at the bottom of the 'A' Amplifier Bays and connecting them with the studios.
5 closely-spaced banks of relays
21 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – The 'B' Amplifier Input Switching Relays.
8 banks of fuses
22 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – One of the Fuse Bays.
Back view of the relays
23 ❧ CONTROL ROOM – Reverse of the 'B' Amplifier Input Switching Relays, showing the wiring.
2 banks of equipment with dials and control knobs
24 ❧ Two of the receivers used for checking the quality of transmissions.
Wiring in a large cabinet
25 ❧ The back of the Discharge Power Board, showing the massive Low Tension Busbars supported on the insulators.
A curved control panel desk with telephone and a bank of control knobs
26 ❧ One of the Dramatic Control Panels, which enables the producer of a play to mix the output of as many as eleven studios at the same time; this makes it possible, for instance, for a mixture of sounds such as shouts of a crowd, the noise of guns firing, a background of military music, and speech by individuals, to be broadcast simultaneously without the inconvenience of all the performers being in one studio.

27 ❧ The Corridor leading to Studio 8A, showing the closed doors of the studio and the mosaic floor.

28 ❧ A glimpse of the interior of Studio 8A through the open doors.

A microphone on a portable stand in the midst of a large empty space
29 ❧ General view of Studio 8A, used for the Wireless Military Band and other bands and orchestras. Note the new type of adjustable microphone-stand in the foreground, and the nest of steel chairs against the right-hand wall.
A control desk and a large speaker with an internal window to a studio; a door stands open with a single chair in the room beyond
30 ❧ Listening Room for Studio 8A: showing through the door, the Silence Room, where announcements can be made during an interval in the stduio.
Colour photograph of a desk, a chair, sofas and occasional tables
31 ❧ The Waiting Room: reproduced by courtesy of Carter & Co. Ltd., Tile Makers, Poole.
Sofas and a desk
32 ❧ The Band Room: accessory to Studio 8A.
Two armchairs, a standard lamp and flowers in a cozy room
33 ❧ Studio 8B, used for Debates and Discussions.
A small room with shelves, drawers, cupboards and a large illuminated mirror
34 ❧ The Ladies' Dressing Room.