Building and equipment

Broadcasting house

The following, among others, have been responsible for the building and equipment of Broadcasting House:

G. Val Myer, f.r.i.b.a.,


M. T. Tudsbery, m.inst.c.e.,

Civil Engineer

N. Ashbridge,, a.m.i.c.e.,

Chief Engineer of the B.B.C.

H. Bishop,, a.c.g.i., a.m.i.e.e.,

Assistant Chief Engineer

Studio Interiors designed by:

Raymond McGrath, b.arch., a.r.i.b.a.,

Decoration Consultant

S. Chermayeff

Wells Coates,, ph.d.,

Edward Maufe, f.r.i.b.a.,

Mrs. Philip Trotter

External Floral Decorations by:

Lady Allen of Hurtwood

H. L. Kirke

A. B. Howe,

B. N. MacLarty

W. K. Newson

F. M. Dimmock

C. H. Colborn, a.m.i.e.e.

} Acoustics 

} Installation

} Design and Manufacture

Sculptures by:

Eric Gill

Vernon Hill

A. G. Dryland, m.c.,,

Acting Engineer-in-Charge

M. J. Rendall, c.m.g., ll.d., of the Board of Governors of the B.B.C.

V. H. Goldsmith, Chairman of the Studio Decoration Committee

R. H. Eckersley, Studio Decoration Committee

G. C. Dailey, m.c., Secretary of the Studio Decoration Committee

R. Wade, Office Accommodation